Doing your own yubnub clone

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I have been using yubnub as my main search engine for ages now but have always been slightly unhappy that some mistyped command went off to some weird site and other commands are so inconveniently long (ddgo for duckduckgo.com is the worst offender).

So this week I finally took some commuting time to implement my personal version. It's really not very difficult or amazing as all I want is a simple redirect to different search URLs: get the request, parse out the first token and dispatch based on that.

What took me almost the longest time was getting the search engine nicely installed. Apparently my google foo is quite weak as I couldn't easily find a complete documentation on how to format the OpenSearch specification and how to install it. Actually, it would have been faster if I had had my speakers on and noticed the warning sound from NoScript that javascript was disabled on my page causing weird behaviour (asking for where to save the search description rather than asking if I want to install that search). Note to self: Trust your own web site (at least in NoScript).