Ecl and Raspberry Pi

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Today I finally found some time to try our my Raspberry Pi.

Funnily, although it is very inexpensive hardware it is too advanced (HDMI) for our monitor at home. Luckily you can just plug it into the switch and it connects and requests an IP address; from there it is just an ssh away and ready to use.

I had the (not so original as it turns out ref 1, ref 2) idea to use ecl as a Common Lisp. Under Raspbian, ecl and gcl are the only available CL options. After a simple apt-get install ecl we are ready to set up quicklisp and go. The Pi is no speed demon but not too unbearable.

However, it seems that the shipped ecl is non-unicode. Loading flexi-streams breaks as it assumes that you can stuff interesting characters into a char, but char-code-limit is 256.

I spent some time trying to compile a unicode enable version of ecl but got nowhere due to processor incompatibilities.

As basically anything interesting requires flexi-stream, for the moment I'll go with a hack I found on the net:

(deftype char-code-integer ()
  "The subtype of integers which can be returned by the function CHAR-CODE."
  #-ecl'(integer 0 #.(1- char-code-limit))
  #+ecl'(integer 0 65533))

Let's see how far that takes us…

Update: The next package to fail is babel, also due to lacking unicode support. So I guess it's time to get a proper unicode supporting ecl going.