Google Compute Engine — a new vps provider?

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For the longest time I have had a small vps with Burst.net. You have essentially no guaranteed uptime and the response times on service requests are not what you expect from a 21st century company that deals with information technology but overall the service has been very stable with maybe one or two reboots per year and the need for a service ticket every other year. They even offer you IPv6 addresses for trying out stuff even if that feature seems more unreliable than the rest of their offerings. All that for US$6 a month looks like a pretty good deal.

Lately that reliability has taken a dip to a degree where I could host things at home and even with my at times flaky router things would be better than this.

But recently Google has dramatically reduced their prices for the Google Compute Engine to a level where running a micro instance actually becomes quite affordable. The reliability will be dramatically better as you can even migrate between data centres if things turn ugly. There is no IPv6 at the moment but that was always a little gimmick which nobody seems to need (in my server's access log the only clients coming in via IPv6 were my own calls — even the crawlers still only use IPv4 (caveat: that if for my site; the IPv6 support has been so flaky for a while that maybe the crawlers just learned not to bother).

I'll take this for a spin and will report here how it is going.