The end of my Burst.net server

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Only recently I was still saying how my Burst.net virtual private server was quite an ok service given its low price. Alas, I now have to revise that assessment.

The recent migration to a new data centre was a bit of a desaster with long down-time. And when they were done, they sent an email that things were back up and apparently went home. Sadly they had failed to mention that I had to start the server myself (why? it was running when you took it down, so hand it back running!) which took me almost a day to figure out (still faster than the response from their support).

The IPv6 support has broken again without any reason and this time support failed to even respond to my ticket let alone fix things. And last week the server was dead for almost a day again.

Let's just say that I am happy I have the server on the Google Compute Engine all set up and migrated there without any problems. The only thing the GCE doesn't do is email sending, so I had to find a different solution for forwarding the email to one of my domains to another (for the moment I just use my domain hoster who offers that service for a little extra charge).

With the last service migrated off the server I today shut it down and cancelled the service. An end of an era. It was nice to be with Burst.net but now I am happy to be off it.