An RSS feed I did not want

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For years I had simple mp3 players to listen to podcasts during the daily commute. I liked to have something with buttons and turn-wheels to start/pause and adjust the volume as needed without the need to look at a screen. Alas, my trusty Sansa Fuze died a premature death (the previous one lasted much longer) and while I was looking for a replacement (the prices for a Fuze had actually gone up since buying the last one) I tried out podcast players on my Android phone.

In the end I stuck with Pocket Casts as something that worked for me. Especially after buying a cheap and cheerful bluetooth headset with volume control, start/pause and skip buttons. There are some issues with this app but they are quite minor.

The one feature I really miss though is to play single mp3/ogg/… files which I find on the net. Pocket Casts only knows about feeds and won't even show up as an option to play the file when I select it on the phone.

For a while I tried to also keep some other app around to play these but that was just awkward.

Instead I dusted off my little knowledge of RSS feeds and now have my web server serve my own private podcast feed that just lists the files I am interested in. It is more complicated (store the page with the file in Pocket and remember to add it to my feed next time I am at a desktop) until I also add a web interface to manage the feed. The solution is even over-engineered because I actually store the data in a sqlite database rather than just use a text file, but hey, it was a chance to learn something new. I had never used sqlite myself, especially not from lisp.