Using Emacs for a presentation

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(Duh! I should remember to post my drafts eventually rather than have them sit in my drafts folder for weeks on end. This was meant to go up on the blog before the actual event not a month after. Oh well. Better late than never.)

For the January London Clojure Dojo (sign-up page, discussion on Google Wave) I somehow volunteered to tell a bit about what little I know of Leiningen the new Clojure build/test/etc whatchamacallit.

Being a rather poor presenter (getting lost in side remarks and forgetting main points to be made) I decided to try to automate the presentation as much as possible. Inspired by Sacha Chua's presentation I thought I'd give Emacs a go. The advantage is that it nicely combines some simple text to be shown with access to an editor to code the sample and a shell where the output of the compilation etc. can be seen. All automated in Emacs Lisp so that on the day, I'll only have to press F12 and talk the people through it.

Bruce has since put up my Emacs code on github.

Any feedback and critique (as long as it is not purely abusive) is welcome.