dev8d developer days - initial summary

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So Friday was my third and last day at this year's London dev8d (http://dev8d.org/).

Executive summary: It was great!!!

There was so much to see and do and learn that I am still buzzing with excitement and at the same time I am sad when I consider all the things I did not get to see, projects not finished, people not talked to.

The format of the event was somewhat unconventional to me. As with conferences there are many tracks but most of them are not presentations but active projects that involve you - coding Dojos, workshops, projects. In addition there were ten "challenges" that asked the participant to produce something by Saturday with the chance to win prizes. Only one track was "expert talks" which contained lots of interesting things, but the track was a bit lost in the many other interesting things, so I missed them all except for the reprap talk.

Maybe I spread myself too thin by doing too many different activities; I nowhere nearly finished any project (an interesting modification of the prepared genetic programming code; find some spurious correlation in data downloaded from data.gov.uk; learn enough about Scala to not be a complete fool; …). On the other hand I got a lot of interesting leads that I will have to follow up on in the next few weeks. Definitely the new knowledge of Sparql and how to find data in data.gov.uk will come in handy for work.

I can only hope that there will be many more events like there in the future that I will be able to attend. A big thanks to all sponsors of dev8d, the organisers who did a fab job and the presenters who invested a lot of time preparing things for us.